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Caruso MTM events

 Upcoming events:   Boggi, Roeselare, Belgium 16 February 2018 ——– Garodkin, Copenhagen, Denmark 7/8 March 2018 ——– Lund & Lund, Stockholm, Sweden 14/15 March 2018 ——– Mercken, Antwerp & Hasselt, Belgium 23/24 March 2018 ——– Aspeli, Oslo, Norway 5/6 April 2018 ——– Harder, Aarhus, Denmark…

H | A featured in Quote Magazine

Corduroy Comeback Contact us for more information about all corduroy items

Doriani ‘cotton roll-neck’ now available at H | A

H | A is pleased to introduce our “Doriani Roll-necks” Available in a variety of colors. Delivered within 4 weeks for chilly spring summer evenings. These 100% cotton roll-necks are machine washable.

Hagenaars Inspiration ‘Blue Tones’

HAGENAARS AGENTUREN is pleased to introduce you its “BLUE Inspiration” CARUSO Sartorial wear. Fully canvas of course. Handmade in Italy. DORIANI Italian cashmere knits and sportswear. Timeless Elegance RJB Italian luxury denim customisable to client’s taste. “Life is just…