The creation of the collection we are presenting is the result of the great work and inspiration of Bottega Senatores shoe technicians, who make it their highest priority to find top quality materials for manufacturing.  The leathers have been chosen from the finest Italian tanneries where ethical sensitivity is a priority, choices are meticulous and precise.

The collection has been created so each pair of shoes are stylish, comfortable, and wearable.

The colours chosen reflect the inspiration one can only get when admiring a paradise on earth. The Cinque Terre, in Liguria, Italy is one of the most natural and uncontaminated areas of the Mediterranean. 

With the development of its typical and characteristic pastel coloured stone walls, which give it its air of simplicity, it was named a 1997 UNESCO World Heritage site. Together with the spectacular crystal clear blue waters, valuable architecture, and steep and rugged paths, it is one of the most enviable parts of the Mediterranean. Cinque Terre is one of the most coveted holiday destinations for Italians and foreigners alike.

international standards


The SA 8000 is a non-compulsory international standard that our suppliers have chosen to undertake, which establishes a series of requirements to which a company must adhere to in order to be recognised as SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. That is, to exhibit correct behaviour, from an ethical and social standpoint towards its workers. Adhering suppliers have decided to certify themselves on the basis of this standard, in order to give maximum transparency to their conduct towards employees, suppliers, customers and all the institutions and people with whom they come into contact, and to commit themselves to continuously improving the environment in which they operate.

As far as the manufacture of our products is concerned, we have chosen four principal techniques of the highest level, Goodyear and Blake, as well as box-stitching for sneakers and hand-stitching for moccasins with studded rubber soles.

Each shoe is finished and packaged after a careful and scrupulous quality check has been carried out. 

Our quality control department manages this last step and always keeps up to date to not leave anything to chance. 


Bottega Senatore shoes are born from the love of our Master Artisans. By embracing the wellbeing of our marvellous world, we try to make each pair of shoes unique.